Get Rid Of Vertigo

What is the best imaging for vertigo?

Video Oculography is the most sensitive test in detecting BPPV. With very clear information there is no 'guesswork' in treatment and very high success.

How we test for vertigo!

The best test to trigger a vertigo attack, creating nystagmus or eye movement, is the Dix-Hallpike Test. When you lie back quickly with your head turned to either direction, extending your neck, this challenges your inner ear or balance system. The eye movements and the direction of the nystagmus tell us which canal is involved.

We all have 'rocks' in our heads. These otolith crystals are attached in a gel with nerve sensors in them to tell our brain the direction of gravity, or where ''down' is. With a whiplash or head impact these crystals can get knocked around and they can crack. If they break loose they can end up in the semicircular canals and causing the 'room to spin'.

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Here are what some of our patients are saying.

After struggling with vertigo and dizziness for many years, I received a referral for Cornerstone PT. I was skeptical at first after the ENT was unable to help me. They used equipment to narrow down the cause of my dizziness and then were able to help fix the problem. My quality of life improved greatly!

David, skeptic to believer

I began treatment for vestibular therapy specific for BPPV, as well as complications with my neck. My vertigo has dissipated and my headaches have significantly decreased. I highly recommend Cornerstone which is filled with the most kind, welcoming, and knowledgeable staff.

Savannah, chronic vertigo

I was very pleased with the technology and the knowledge that the Cornerstone Team had when determining how to treat my vertigo and not just guess. As I continued my last session the vertigo had completely ceased!

Thank you, Cornerstone for giving me the opportunity to return to serve in the community.

Eric, got back his life

It's Time To Get Rid Of Vertigo!

Get started with an evaluation!

The Cornerstone Physical Therapy Doctors begin with Video Oculography Imaging to determine the presence of BPPV and the location.

The evaluation also includes treatment based on the test findings.

The cost of the evaluation and treatment includes Video Oculography Imaging and is 99$. If you choose to use your health insurance the cost of Video Oculography Imaging is an additional 49$ with your insurance co-pay.

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